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Air India Reservations

Air India is India’s leading airline owned by Air India Ltd. It started in 1932, and currently, it’s the third-largest airline in India regarding domestic market share. It primarily operates Airbus and Boeing aircraft to various domestic and international airports. Its headquarters are located at Indian Airlines House, New Delhi.

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air india baggage policyAir India Baggage Policy

When flying with Air India, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the airline’s fine dining options, including Indian and international cuisine. Along with this, you can choose from various movies and music served on board.

The following information explains Air India baggage policy, including rules and fees, and how to minimize additional costs when traveling between continents. Air India baggage policy includes the following general rules:

1 piece of personal baggage + 1 piece of carry-on baggage + 1 piece of personal baggage

  • Small backpack or duffel bag
  • Small Folding Stroller Folding

Details About Air India Baggage:

Baggage Dimensions for First and Business

Objects must not be larger than 158 centimeters in total (length + width + height) for their three dimensions combined. One piece of luggage may not weigh more than 32 kilograms.

Economy Class Baggage Size

For Economy Class passengers, Air India baggage allows carrying two pieces of baggage. The total dimensions of both pieces cannot exceed 107 inches (273 cm). Additionally, the linear dimensions of each part must not exceed 62 inches.

There are certain rules for Air India extra baggage. Passengers can purchase additional baggage 6 hours before departure today and enjoy a 20% discount on airport fares. Passengers are allowed on domestic sectors of Air India flights maintaining legal prices, with different prices starting from series 098. The Air India extra baggage prepaid scheme does not always apply when traveling on Alliance Air, Air India Express, and Air India flights.

Air India Cancellation & Refund:air india ticket cancellation

You have the opportunity to cancel a flight at least 24 hours before departure in case of any unexpected change of travel plans. There is no cancellation fee as per Air India refund policy. If Air India cancels a flight within 24 hours of booking a flight departing 7 days or more, a full refund will be given. Air India offers full refunds for flights canceled by airlines. If your Air India flight is delayed, you will be entitled to full compensation.

Flights and business trips affected by COVID-19 will be fully refunded. If you’re denied boarding on a confirmed reservation, you will receive a full Air India refund. Due to unforeseen circumstances preventing passengers from boarding the flight, such as death or serious illness, Air India flight cancellations are eligible for a full refund subject to documented evidence and Air India approval.

In all other cases, Air India cancellation fee will be charged according to the fare conditions indicated on the ticket as per Air India cancellation policy. According to Air India cancellation policy, if your Air India flight is canceled, you will still be entitled to a full refund. Afterward, all tickets, including non-refundable fare tickets, are subject to cancellation by Air India 24 Hours.

Policy and must meet both of the following conditions to be eligible for a refund: Full refunds will be processed by Air India Cancellation Policy for Coronavirus.

Under the compensation, we are responsible for providing fairness as a service if the airline cancelled a flight without prior notice for at least two weeks. As part of the airline passenger’s rights under EC Regulation 261/2004, you may be entitled to Air India canceled flight compensation.

If you don’t wish to travel, you must opt for Air India Ticket cancellation option at least 12hrs before your scheduled flight departure. Refunds are subject to applicable cancellation fees. Air India Ticket cancellation policy is subject to change without notice.

  1. Express Flexi: High stakes.
  • Correction Fee: None. Unlimited Changes
  • Cancellation Fee: Within 24 Hours of Departure / Passenger No Show
  • (Base Fare + YQ (fuel surcharge)) + Transaction / Convenience 100% Passenger Segment
  • From 72hrs to 24hrs before departure INR.
  1. Express Costs: from low to medium tariffs.
  • Change fee: INR 1,100 or equivalent date change fee.
  • Cancellation fee – Within 24 hours of departure / no-show time (base rate + 100% YQ) + per passenger per transaction per sector / convenience fee INR.

air india flight changeAir India Flight Change Policy:

If you are changing plans, you can choose the option to air India flight change.

According to many passengers, changing the timetable is a simple process. Once your ticket has been booked, an Air India representative will call to assist you in rescheduling your Air India flight, regardless of time or task. They are always available and will help you overcome these minor issues by contacting us to determine the stage of the problem and what stage of the problem if the connection is lost.

Air India flight Change Procedure

The procedure for changing the ticket date during the Air India flight reschedule procedure is detailed in PNR. Please include your PNR/reservation number and email ID/last name in the space provided. Click Change Flight, then proceed to change flight time for Air India. Choose your flight. Please select the flight you wish to travel on. Please select the desired date. Choose your new preferred flight. Click “Done” to change the flight.

Changing the date of your Air India ticket is no longer difficult. There are unique conditions that can be changed. Not all ticket dates are subject to change during the Air India flight reschedule process.

Change Air India Ticket: tickets must not expire. There is no fee for changes made within 24 hours of booking. Changes can be made up to 24 hours before scheduled flight departure. If Air India cancelled flights due to weather changes, you can reschedule or cancel your ticket; you will be eligible for a full refund in such case.

In Air India, the re-planning process must follow the all-new Rebooking Actions process. If you cannot properly access the website, you may receive detailed information about Air India reschedule changes from various other sources when Air India flight schedules change. Air India has taken care of all sorts of alternatives. However, the priority of passengers is never the same. Air India is always looking for alternatives to communicate with passengers on connecting flights to India.

Air India Change Fee:air india change fee

Below are the Air India change fee charges if you change flight or reschedule your trip. (*prices mentioned are dynamic fares and may vary from actual fare.)

First Class F&A Complimentary (2 hours before departure) Complimentary (2 hours before departure) $40* or Basic Rate (2 hours before departure), whichever is less

Business Class C, D, J Complimentary (2 Departures) hours before) Complimentary (2 hours before departure) $40* or Basic Fare (2 hours before departure), whichever is lower (2 hours before departure)

Economy Class Y, Complimentary B&M (2 hours before departure) Complimentary (2 hours before departure) 40* USD or Base Rate of (less than 12 hours departure), whichever is lower (departure 2) hours before).

Economy Class H, K, Q, V, W, G, L, and U 35 – USD or base fare, whichever is lower (until 02:00 before departure) USD 40* or base fare, whichever is lower (departure 2 hours before) refund (basic rate) cancellation fee) within 2 hours after departure.

So, these are the various guidelines regarding Air India flights. If you’re looking for Air India flight booking, contact us now. We offer amazing Air India flight deals to ensure affordability yet luxurious journey.

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