Viva Aerobus Reservations

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Viva Aerobus Reservations

Vivaaerobus Airlines, more commonly called Vivaaerobus Nacionales, is a low-cost airline that flies between destinations in the US and Mexico. Vivaaerobus Airlines is owned and operated by the largest commercial bus company in Mexico. The airline is based in the Monterrey international airport and runs all major operations from the same airport. Apart from the Monterrey international airport, other hubs of Vivaaerobus flights include Cancun international airport, Guadalajara international airport, and the Mexico City airport. Founded in the year 2006, Vivaaerobus airlines are focused on making air travel affordable to everyone. The low-cost airline is one of the best ways to fly domestically in Mexico or from Mexico to the USA. The fleet size of Vivaaerobus airlines is small since the number of destinations is comparatively less. The fleet size of the airline is 51 aircraft and the Vivaaerobus airlines fly to 59 vivid destinations. The low-cost airline is focused on providing a comfortable flying experience at considerably lower costs. If you wish to book Vivaaerobus flights, reach out to us. We can help you avail the best discounts on Vivaaerobus airlines flight bookings. If you want to make flight bookings in the Vivaaerobus airlines, we will help you get the best discounts on your tickets!

Viva Aerobus Luggage Policy | Vivaaerobus Baggage Policy vivaaerobus baggage policy

Vivaaerobus baggage – personal bags

All the tickets of Vivaaerobus airlines include one personal baggage allowance. Personal bags include purses, shopping bags, backpacks, or laptop bags. There is however a dimensional limit on your personal baggage. Your baggage must fit in the area in front of you and should have a maximum dimension of 18×14×8 inches.

Vivaaerobus carry on baggage

The Vivaaerobus baggage policy also allows its passengers to have carry on bags. However, the Vivaaerobus carry on baggage limit depends on the kind of your ticket. Your viva Aerobus luggage shouldn’t exceed a maximum of 22×16×10 inches. If you’re traveling via a light or extra ticket, your Vivaaerobus carry on baggage cannot exceed a maximum of 22 lbs. However, if you’re traveling via a smart ticket, you can carry a maximum of 33 lbs.

Vivaaerobus check in baggage

Apart from carrying your baggage, you can also check in your Vivaaerobus baggage. For extra and smart ticket categories, one check in baggage is allowed. The maximum weight of the checked in baggage is 71 lbs and a maximum dimension of 62 inches(length+breadth+height).

Viva Aerobus Check in Procedure

Vivaaerobus offers two modes of checking in. Flyers can check in online and offline, i.e., at the airport. Online check in portals open 72 hours before the flight and closes 4 hours prior to departure. To do a Vivaaerobus check in online, follow the steps listed below

  1. Head to the official website of Vivaaerobus airlines
  2. Here you’ll need to enter your reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  3. Once done, the booking details would appear in front of you.
  4. If less than 72 hours are left for departure, you’ll find an option to check in online.
  5. Click on “check in”.
  6. Now you’d need to select your desired seat.
  7. After you’ve selected the seat of your preference, click on “next”.
  8. Upon doing so, you’ll get your boarding pass. You need to print this boarding pass before heading to the airport.

In case you do not do a Vivaaerobus check in online, you can also check in at the airport. The counters would open 4 hours prior to the departure. Passengers can head to the Viva Aerobus check in counter and check in.

vivaaerobus cancel flightVivaaerobus Cancel Flight Policy

In case your Vivaaerobus flight is canceled by the airline due to certain unavoidable circumstances, Vivaaerobus takes entire responsibility as per the Vivaaerobus cancellation policy. The airline will make provision for you and refund your ticket fare. If you do a Vivaaerobus cancel flight, you’re eligible for a refund only if you cancel your viva aerobus reservations within 24 hours of the booking. We recommend you to skim through the Vivaaerobus cancellation policy once. In order to cancel your flight ticket, you need to contact customer care within 24 hours of the booking. You need to state the reason for the cancellation and your reservation code. If you wish to receive a refund, you also need to prove the reason for the cancellation. If you’re adjudged eligible for a refund, it will be initiated according to the compensation rules.

Vivaaerobus full refund insurance is an insurance that you can buy on your flight. If your travel is uncertain, and you wish to cancel your flight ticket, you can buy a full refund insurance. The insurance guarantees you an entire refund of the flight ticket upon cancellation. In order to request a refund under the full refund insurance, follow the steps given below:

  • Contact the mas servicios call center. You can obtain the contact details from the official website.
  • You need to produce the reason for cancellation and documents supporting your reason
  • Upon verification, the officials from Vivaaerobus will contact you.

Vivaaerobus Change Flight Rulesvivaaerobus change flight

The airline claims to be one of the most flexible airlines in Mexico. Hence, Vivaaerobus change flight rules are very lenient. The airline is the first low-cost airline in Mexico that offers flight changes with no additional fee. You can make any changes to the trip and all you’d need to pay is the difference in fares. Light and extra travellers can make 3 changes without any penalty whereas smart ticket holders can make an unlimited number of changes. In order to make changes to your itinerary, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open the official website of Vivaaerobus
  2. Now enter your reservation code and the last name of the passenger.
  3. The booking details would appear on your screen.
  4. Change your itinerary according to your wish.
  5. Click on “confirm.”
  6. Pay the difference in fare if any.
  7. Once done, you’d have successfully changed your flight.

vivaaerobus flightsBook Viva Aerobus Flights with Us

Well, Vivaaerobus airlines do stand true to its words. The low-cost airline offers convenient flying at rather cheap rates. If you wish to book your next trip with Vivaaerobus airlines, we highly recommend you to book your flight tickets with us. We offer you the cheapest prices on flight tickets and get you the best deals on your ticket. We’re only a text away! Reach out to us and get your Vivaaerobus flight ticket booked at the cheapest prices.

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