Spirit Airlines Reservations

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Spirit Airlines Reservations

Established in 1990, Spirit Airlines is one of the most well-known ultra-low-cost aircraft carriers in the United States of America. This Airline is headquartered in Miramar, Florida, and is best known among frequent flyers as an ultra-low-cost Airline fleet in the US. In 2020, the Airline was regarded as the 4th most popular ultra-low-cost Airline in the United States of America. Their fleet of aircraft flies between several destinations. This includes destinations in the United States of America, Latin America, and the Caribbean islands. Although the Airline isn’t prevalent in other continents, it has a fleet size of 170 aircraft. The primary goal of these ultra-low-cost Airlines is to make flying cheap and available for everyone. Spirit Airlines booking is often found at highly budget-friendly rates due to the numerous Spirit Airlines deals. Spirit Airlines reservations can be done from their official website or you can also reach out to us for your Spirit Airlines booking. We book your flight tickets, and we’ll find the most amazing Spirit Airlines deals for you. Make your Spirit Airlines reservations with us today and get the cheapest deals ever.

spirit airlines baggage policySpirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost commercial Airline which aims to make travel affordable for everyone. For this reason, the Spirit Airlines baggage policy is highly stringent. You need to pay for any carry-on baggage irrespective of the Spirit Airlines carry on size.

Additionally, you also need to pay for all the Spirit flight check in baggage. Spirit carry on luggage size is also restricted. You need to pay more for every bag that exceeds the Spirit carry on size limit of 40 lbs. Spirit Airlines carry on luggage size has a limit of 22×18×10 inches.

Pro-tip for flyers: if you know that you need to check in your baggage, you can book it while booking your flight ticket. This will help you save up since pre-booking a check-in baggage slot is much cheaper.

Spirit Airlines keep in mind the flyers convenience and hence allow flyers to carry a personal item. Personal items include purses, wallets, Duffle bags, coats, and other bags which do not exceed Spirit personal item size. The Spirit personal item size is restricted to 18×14×8 inches. Any luggage above this size would be chargeable. This additional fee is to ensure that you can get a subsidized base fare. The Airline says that additional weight on the flight will increase its fuel consumption. As a result, the Airlines would need to bear more expenses to refuel the aircraft. Hence the Spirit Airlines baggage policy is so stringent. It discourages flyers from carrying unnecessary baggage and helps Spirit Airlines booking costs to be minimal.

Spirit Flight Check in Rules | Spirit Check in Online & At the Airportspirit airlines check in

Like every Airline, Spirit Airlines lets its flyers do a Spirit Airlines online check in. In fact, most flyers perform a Spirit Airlines online check in. This is because most flyers do not have any Spirit Airlines check in baggage due to the stern baggage policy. Hence, Spirit Airlines online check in is the most preferred way. If you wish to do Spirit check in online, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Head to the official website of Spirit Airlines and look for Spirit flight check in
  2. Next, you need to enter your last name and the confirmation code for your flight ticket
  3. Once done, you will need to select the seat you wish to sit on and pay the baggage fee if you have any baggage.
  4. Once done, you will immediately receive a copy of your boarding pass. You can either carry along a soft copy to the airport or print the boarding pass and take it along.

If you do not check in online, you can also check in at the airport. However, the cost of each baggage would be higher than online rates. To check in at the airport, you need to stand in the Spirit Airlines check in queue. After the baggage drop, you will receive your boarding pass. You can now proceed towards boarding. International travelers need to provide their passport details while checking in. Hence, Spirit Airlines check in is a very simple method, and by following the above guidelines, you can head towards boarding.

spirit airlines cancellation policySpirit Airlines Cancellation Policy | Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines prioritize the customer’s satisfaction and hence allow cancellations and changes in flight tickets under Spirit refund policy. However, the Spirit refund policy depends on when you cancel or reschedule your flight. With the Spirit Airlines refund policy, users can cancel their plans up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. However, the amount that Spirit Airlines refund depends on when you cancel. Follow the steps listed below to request a Spirit Airlines refund.

  1. Head to “my trips” on the official website of Spirit Airlines. Here, you can also find the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy.
  2. In order to cancel the flight under the Spirit cancellation policy, enter your last name and confirmation number.
  3. To cancel Spirit flight, select the flight ticket you would like to cancel.
  4. Charges may apply while cancelling. Do refer to Spirit Airlines cancellation policy before you cancel Spirit flight.
  5. Afterward, you have read the Spirit cancellation policy and select “cancel.” Now, the website will tell you the cancellation fee and the amount you will be refunded.
  6. Once you confirm, a refund will be initiated and your ticket will be cancelled.

Do note that if you cancel Spirit flight within 24 hours of the booking, you’re eligible for a full refund.

Spirit Airlines Change Flightspirit airlines change flight

Like you can cancel your flight ticket, you can also change your flight. The cancellation fee and Spirit change fees are the same. The Spirit change fees depend on when you change your flight ticket. Look at the table underneath to understand Spirit Airlines change flight policy and the fees.

Number of days before departure Fees*
0-6 days $79
7-14 days $59
15-59 days $39
More than 60 days Free

*as of 2021, fees may vary anytime without prior information

According to the Spirit change flight policy, changes can be made up to an hour before the scheduled departure. For further queries regarding Spirit Airlines change flight, you can contact their officials.

spirit airlines dealsSpirit Airlines Deals

Spirit Airlines is a great means of travel for those who have a tight budget. Although, the baggage policy might seem stringent. The flight tickets are indeed cheap and budget-friendly. Well, if you have a very tight budget, you must reach out to us. We help travelers like you book Spirit flight tickets at the cheapest prices. We have partnered up with several Airline industry giants like Spirit Airlines and are determined to provide you the best Spirit Airlines deals.

We look forward to helping you reach your destination safely!

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