Qatar Airways Reservations

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Qatar Airways Reservations

Qatar Airways is one of the biggest names in the airline industry. Over the years, Qatar has emerged as the junction for flyers from the west who are traveling to the east. Its convenient location makes it the perfect hub for hopping and connecting flights. Headquartered in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, Qatar Airways flies to almost 150 destinations from all around the world. This includes several countries in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and America. Qatar Airways has a fleet of more than 200 airplanes, making it one of the largest commercial airlines in the world.

The Airline operates from Hamad international airport which serves as its base airport. Today, the Airline pays to more than 43,000 employs. Qatar airways bookings can be made both online or in person. Today, you can find Qatar flight deals to almost all the major cities around the world. Today, through the medium of this article, we shall understand more about Qatar airways reservations and different points to keep in mind while looking for Qatar flight deals.

qatar airways baggage policyQatar Airways Baggage Policy

While traveling via flight, every traveler is allowed a certain amount of baggage to carry on board with them. Your baggage Qatar airways generally depends on several factors. The Qatar Airways carry on size depends on the route on which the flight is bound and also the class of your Qatar Airways booking. Business-class Qatar airways reservations generally tend to have a higher hand baggage allowance when compared to the economy class. Business-class and first-class travelers are permitted to carry along 2 hand baggage with them, which must not exceed 15Kgs of weight in total. However, for economy class travelers, the number of hand baggage is restricted to 1 bag that must not exceed 7kg. The maximum dimension of hand baggage is 50×37×25 cm.

If you wish to carry liquids or gels in hand baggage Qatar airways, it must not exceed 100 ml. Even if the container is larger and only partially filled, it will not be allowed. The container size should be 100 ml, and it should be completely transparent. In addition to the hand baggage, you can also carry your personal belongings such as purses, wallets, coats, blankets, umbrellas, cameras, and laptops. For Qatar Airways extra baggage, you need to pay first while booking tickets.

Qatar Airways Check In procedureqatar airways online check in

Qatar Airways offer its travellers multiple ways to check in before their flight. Passengers can either check in online from the official website of Qatar airways or check in at the airport.

Qatar Airways Online check in

To do Qatar Airways online check in, follow this;

  1. You need to go to the official website of Qatar airways.
  2. Type in your booking reference number.
  3. Then, you can find an option to “check-in”, you can now choose your preferred seat.
  4. Once done, you will immediately receive a soft copy of your boarding pass.
  5. You can either print it, or carry a soft copy to the airport.

Counter Check-in

Another option for travellers is to check-In at the airport. If you wish to do Qatar airways check-in at the airport, you will have to stand in the queue. Here, you can also handover your check-in baggage.

Pro-tip for Travelers: If you do not have Qatar Airways check-in baggage, you can simply do Qatar airways online check-in. Doing so will save your time, and you can go for a security check directly without having to stand in the queue for the check-in.

qatar airways refund policyQatar Airways Cancellation Policy | Qatar Airways Refund policy

While traveling by flight, you must always be concerned about last-minute plan cancellations. Especially because flight tickets are soaring high, if the refund policy does not refund money to you, it’d be an utter waste of money. Well, you’re lucky in this case since the Qatar Airways cancellation policy is highly lenient. If you initiate a refund before 24 hours of the journey, Qatar Airways refunds the entire ticket fare without any cancellation fee or penalty. Since the COVID 19 pandemic, traveling has become uncertain. Hence, Qatar Airway cancellation policy has been eased. Qatar Airways refund policy, however, does not allow its flyers to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of the flight. Hence, if travelers wish to cancel their flight tickets and receive a refund, they need to apply for a refund before more than 24 hours of the journey. Qatar Airways refund management will further look into the matter, and if the request is legitimate, the refund will be initiated within 3-5 business days.

Qatar Airways Change Flight | Rules You Need to Knowqatar airways change flight

The Qatar flight change policy is indeed one of the best policies in airlines. Qatar Airways always aims at providing the best user experience to its flyers. To our good fortune, Qatar Airways flight change policy allows you to modify the travel as many times as you like. You can modify everything, including travel date, travel time, and destination without any Qatar Airways change fee. Moreover, the Qatar airways reservations are valid for 2 years; this means you can reschedule your travel any time before 2 years. So, you can travel anytime within 2 years of Qatar Airways booking. Now you must be thinking that there might be some catch in this. No airline would possibly bear losses for offering their customers with convenience. Well, there’s no catch here! Qatar Airways reservations are actually valid for 2 years.

If you wish to request a modification in your Qatar airways reservations, you need to go to the official website of Qatar Airways. Next, go to the “My trips” section. Here, you’d need to enter the booking reference number and your last name. Once done, all the details of the booking will appear. Now click on “modify your ticket,” and you’re allowed to change anything in your booking!

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